Exporter for FSQM Pro - Reports & Submissions

Exporter for FSQM Pro is a premium addon to the popular WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager – Pro plugin. It adds the ability to exports reports to XLSX, PDF, XLS and/or HTML files. Also, it enables you to download the submissions under any form to a RAW CSV file for manual analysis.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/exporter-for-fsqm-pro-reports-submissions/5702784
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Category URLs Fixer for WooCommerce

EXPLAINING THE PROBLEM: Let’s say that one of your categories is food > pizza. The main URL will be: www.example.com/products/food/pizza/ If you try to replace “food” with anything else, it will work anyway (try on yourself with your own site!)The result is that you will get a lot of duplicated content: several pages with different URLs but same data. FIXING IT: This plugin automatically improves WooCommerce URL structure for product categories/subcategories, removing (redirecting) duplicated contents. If you go to: www.example.com/products/a-random-word/pizza/ You will be automatically redirected to: www.example.com/products/food/pizza/ (the main, unique, “official” and canonical URL).

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/category-urls-fixer-for-woocommerce/5996576
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WooCommerce Quickview v3.0.7

This plugin allows you to quickly view any product in your WooCommerce catalog whilst browsing a category or product listing page. By clicking the new Quickview icon, subtly placed over each product in the listing, a modal box will open with important product information and imagery, giving your customer the chance to add to cart there and then.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-quickview/4378284
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Timeliner - Codecanyon Premium Plugin

WordPress Timeliner is a powerful plugin, which generates a timeline based on events. What is an event? Well, it can be anything with a date stamp on it – a news article, a blog post, a portfolio item, you name it. If it has a date, Timeliner understands it! From the options page you can specify how many posts to get from the database and you can also choose one or more categories to get the posts from. Timeliner comes with two unique designs to begin with, and it’s also easily customizable with CSS.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/timeliner/1528771
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Orbit v1.6 - Visual Composer Addon Extension

World-class Design – Perfect for every website Easily Customizable Built on Bootstrap Valid HTML5 + CSS3 Ultra Responsive and 100% Mobile-ready

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/orbit-visual-composer-addon-extension/8790010
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Testimonials v1.8 - Wordpress Plugin

Testimonials showcase is resposive WordPress plugin. It come with many option allow you to display testimonials if four different ways, grid, thumbnails slider, slider, and list, in unique and simple styles.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/testimonials-wordpress-plugin/5710957
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WooCommerce Availability Notifications v1.1.0

WooCommerce Availability Notifications enables your WooCommerce-powered website to have customize stock availability notification for in stock, low stock, out of stock, and back order. This will help your customers with an intuitive information for each product's stock availability.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-availability-notifications/8422290
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Codecanyon Woocommerce Gift Card v2.1

Woocommerce Gift Card plugin allows you to sell redeemable gift cards on your Woocommerce store. The gift cards are coupon codes which are generated automatically and can be applied to carts or products at checkout. It gets more interesting as you can send gift cards to other people. Ramson adds a gift card to cart and on checkout,on the field “I’m sending this Gift Card to someone” he enters Isaac’s email and name then Isaac receives the gift card.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-gift-card/6234900
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Direct Download for Woocommerce v1.1.4

Direct Download for WooCommerce allows to download virtual free products directly from the product page.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/direct-download-for-woocommerce/6320429
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Social Commerce v1.3.4 - WooCommerce Facebook Plugin

The Social Commerce plugin enables you to convert your WordPress eCommerce website in to a Facebook friendly destination for customers who want to shop via your Facebook Fan page. It works with any WordPress theme running an instalment of WooCommerce.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/social-commerce-woocommerce-facebook-plugin/4131041
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  • cyberclay
    SoundWave v1.9 - The Music Vibe WordPress Theme (2)

    Author: cyberclay
    News Title: SoundWave v1.9 - The Music Vibe WordPress Theme

    Quote: Rhythm
    admin, update pls to v2.2

    Yes! Update please!
  • vodgas
    JMagz v1.0.5 - Tech News Review Magazine WordPress Theme (1)

    Author: vodgas
    News Title: JMagz v1.0.5 - Tech News Review Magazine WordPress Theme

    Please, update to version 1.2.
  • vmkt
    MainWP + Premium Extensions Pack (6)

    Author: vmkt
    News Title: MainWP + Premium Extensions Pack

    I didn't try all of them, but all the ones I tried, I need the API access key to enable it.
    My guess is that this is the same for all of them.
  • wot.disc
    BookingWizz for Wordpress (3)

    Author: wot.disc
    News Title: BookingWizz for Wordpress

    For many years, almost every day I come to your site to be (and download) the most interesting news wordpress. I remember a few years ago, the site is completely laid, and what was the joy that he recovered. I do not know who is on the other side of the site, but your job has made me more careful study wordpress. I loved it because of you. Thank you.
    I beg you - if you can put this plugin. If me something you need (not the money - they do not exist). I'll be glad to help any of their capabilities to your project.
  • redpoint
    Yootheme WP Themes Pack - January 2015 Updates (2)

    Author: redpoint
    News Title: Yootheme WP Themes Pack - January 2015 Updates

    hello. sorry to asking something here, since I dont know wher to post the request. can you get me this theme?


    thank you very much