By admin

#585   - Gravity Forms v1.9.14

Quote: Colby
This plugin does not work without serial number. No point to download. Waste of time.

Enter any key after that you'll get an option saying you understand the risks. Check that and NEXT. Done!!
Yesterday, 05:40

By admin

#584   - MainWP + Premium Extensions Pack

Quote: vmkt
Same problem here. Need API activation to work. Any solutions?

What extension?
Yesterday, 04:22

By admin

#583   - MainWP + Premium Extensions Pack

Quote: frankdage
how do you activate extensions please??/

how do you activate extensions please, I can't activate the extensions.

upload into plugins folder and activate
November 9, 2015

By admin

#582   - WooCommerce Availability Notifications v1.1.0

Quote: daaba
Hi Admin, thanks for all the uploads, does anyone can upload here? do you check each upload to be clean of malware?

For someone not knowing or understanding some PHP its always a good idea to purchase the item if you plan on using it.
November 8, 2015

By admin

#581   - GT ShortCodes v2.5

Quote: joseluis
The links don't work

The links don't work

The links don't work. Thanks

November 5, 2015

By admin

#580   - Intense - Shortcodes and Site Builder for WordPress v2.6.0

Quote: ankitmazumdar
thanks a lot admin

Dear Admin,
It is to bring to your kind notice that the files that you are posting in ollfiles and http://ul.to/ are not downloading properly with slow and medium speed internet connections.It is timing out.So, it is requested to give atleast zippyshare or nowdownload links along.
And thanks a lot for everything,with your help I am able to earn a little extra.

These are guest posts! Look at the user posting these!
November 5, 2015

By admin

#579   - Wordpress Viral Quiz v1.7.5 – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Quote: amierzeromind
Hai Admin.. an You Reupload This File... Thanks Before..

fresh links
November 3, 2015

By admin

#578   - Clubix v2.2.1 - Nightlife, Music & Events WordPress Theme

Quote: lamerix
It needs registration to work (Purchase Code and Email Address)

try any code/email
November 3, 2015

By admin

#577   - A-Bomb - News & Blog & Magazine Theme

Quote: malleshm
Thanks for the theme!

Just a small doubt, hope you can answer me!

After activating the theme, when I try to add new page or post and click publish, it goes on loading.. beside a publish button, a small circle indicating the loading, goes on loading. Nothing happens!

Now in woocommerce product page, I am not able to switch between product description and additional information! I think this due to some jquery problem. So bother publish and this are related to each other.. I dont know how to solve it? can you please? or any previous or new version of theme will also work!

publishing works okay on my end. try a fresh wordpress install, maybe a conflict
November 3, 2015

By admin

#576   - Intense - Shortcodes and Site Builder for WordPress v2.6.0

Quote: ankitmazumdar
kindly provide zippyshare or nowdownload server as it the download is timing out at 50%.
Thanks and regards

November 3, 2015

By admin

#575   - Skyline - Multipurpose Single/Multi-page Theme

Quote: lh2015
Incomplete file - no use.

its a retail copy. whats wrong?
October 30, 2015

By admin

#574   - Newspaper v6.5 - Responsive WordPress News/Magazine

Quote: shaheen288
this themes ask

"Activate Newspaper to enjoy the full benefits of the theme. We're sorry about this extra step but we built the activation system to prevent mass piracy of our themes, this allows us to better serve our paying customers. An active theme comes with free updates, top notch support, guaranteed latest WordPress support.
Please activate the theme! - Click here to enter your code - if this is an error please contact us at [email protected] - How to activate the theme"

please removed this ..

open includes/wp_booster/td-cake.php
after <?php add this
td_util::update_option('td_cake_status', '2');
October 29, 2015

By admin

#573   - Divi v2.5.5. + Divi Builder v1.1.1 + PSD

Quote: javimg7
What to do with the builder . Where / how do I install it ?

What to do with the builder . Where / how do I install it ?

its a plugin

October 26, 2015

By admin

#572   - Divi v2.5.5. + Divi Builder v1.1.1 + PSD

Quote: sharonnathaniel
Thanks a lot. Just one question will the original theme owner know that we are using their theme free of cost?

If he catches you, tell him wordpress themes are wordpress derivative, hence inheriting wordpress GPL license. You firmly believe this! Have him sue you.

But on a less funky way, DONT WORRY!
October 25, 2015

By admin

#571   - Quform v1.5.1 - WordPress Form Builder

Quote: asimjaved133
plzzz update links --- thanks

October 25, 2015

By admin

#570   - Hospital Management System for Wordpress v6.0

Quote: ankitmazumdar
both the links not working.plz give zippyshare or nowdownload.

ollfiles stopping at 50%

October 25, 2015

By admin

#569   - NEX-Forms Lite v3.4 - WordPress Form Builder Plugin

Quote: kenkepeople
why repost this? this is old... the oficial versión is "Version 4.6" cant even test it propper on my site xD

Its the lite version. Read! Check the demo then make comments!
October 23, 2015

By admin

#568   - Sahifa v5.3.2 - Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog Theme

Quote: jonhyleo
The v5.4.0 was released a few days ago on this website. I downloaded it, but I'm not sure that's really the v5.4.0. I tried searching again to download the file again and does not appear in search results

I've deleted that file. It was posted by a guest author and apparently it had a changed footer.php. But here's a different link for you. Different file also
October 20, 2015

By admin

#567   - Wordpress Auto Spinner v3.0.2 - Articles Rewriter

Quote: amierzeromind
Hai Admin.. if I Upload this plugin will display "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." How To Fix it .

Try and upload by FTP. Unzip and upload the plugin folder to your plugins
October 19, 2015

By admin

#566   - Reviews v1.0.2 Templatic Wordpress Theme

Quote: Wpenjoy
Please could you update the links because none is working. Thank you!

October 18, 2015

By admin

#565   - BWL Pro Voting Manager v.1.1.0

Quote: sunny
I think there is something wrong with the demo link above wassat

Please update the demo link..

The correct link is:-


October 16, 2015

By admin

#564   - UserPro v2.49 - User Profiles with Social Login

Quote: smr.forum
when active plugin shown below error!!!

syntax error, unexpected end of file in .../public_html/wp-content/plugins/userpro/admin/admin.php on line 703

please help me !

try the newer version posted today
October 16, 2015

By admin

#563   - Yoast SEO Premium v2.3.5

Quote: smr.forum
license key ????

You only need that for updates! Works just fine without a license.
October 16, 2015

By admin

#562   - Mega Video Players Bundle v1.0

Quote: amierzeromind
hi admin...can you upload this file in zippyshare, beacause I cannot download this link


thank you before

This is a guest post. Here's a mirror for you.

October 16, 2015

By admin

#561   - Avada v3.8.7 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Quote: walidmar
Dear Admin


It seems there is Infection : Qihoo-360 exp.js.expack.db

Please inform

Likely a false positive. Considering only 1 of 55. Also the author confirms this
October 11, 2015

By admin

#560   - Gravity Forms to Pipe Drive CRM 2.0


October 9, 2015

By admin

#559   - Dante v3.16 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


October 9, 2015

By admin

#558   - Rhythm v1.8 - Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme

some mirrors

October 9, 2015

By admin

#557   - Flex Mag v1.02.1 - Responsive WordPress News Theme

Quote: sp1ke

thanks man
October 8, 2015

By admin

#556   - WP Mega Menu v1.1.2

Quote: amierzeromind
hi admin... can you reupload this file ?? thanks

October 7, 2015


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    News Title: SoundWave v1.9 - The Music Vibe WordPress Theme

    Quote: Rhythm
    admin, update pls to v2.2

    Yes! Update please!
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    Please, update to version 1.2.
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    I didn't try all of them, but all the ones I tried, I need the API access key to enable it.
    My guess is that this is the same for all of them.
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    I beg you - if you can put this plugin. If me something you need (not the money - they do not exist). I'll be glad to help any of their capabilities to your project.
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    hello. sorry to asking something here, since I dont know wher to post the request. can you get me this theme?


    thank you very much