Yootheme WP Themes Pack - January 2015 Updates

Included files:

widgetkit v2.0.5
aurora v1.0.2
avenue v1.0.8
capture v1.0.2
digit v1.0.7
eat v1.0.5
everest v1.0.8
frequency v1.0.6
glass v1.0.2
infinite v1.0.1
katana v1.0.4
lava v1.0.14
moreno v1.0.11
moustache v1.0.11
nano3 v1.0.14
nite v1.0.5
organic v1.0.4
pace v1.0.5
peak v1.0.3
showroom v1.0.10
solar v1.0.2
square v1.0.8
stage 1.0.1
unity v1.0.5
venture v1.0.2
vida v1.0.9

Demo: http://yootheme.com/demo/wordpress
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Aurora v1.0.2 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

Aurora comes with something completely new - it’s the first theme built with the revolutionary Widgetkit 2! The next generation of our beloved toolkit is built freshly from the ground up and based on a new concept. With Widgetkit 2 you are able to display your widget anywhere on your website by just using shortcodes.

Demo: http://yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/aurora
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Katana v1.0.4 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

This multipurpose theme comes up with a lot of features. You can easlily change in the Warp backend between a fullscreen and a boxed layout. All Positions can be set with a horizontal divider and fullwidth content area. Katana is designed to fit on the most business projects and gives you a huge flexibility in customization.

Demo: http://yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/katana
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Nano 3 - Yootheme Premium Wordpress Theme

Nano3, the first theme based on our Warp 7 framework. It is the third generation of popular Nano theme and, like its predecessors, serves as a brilliant blueprint for your custom built themes. Nano3 is lightweight and streamlined to demonstrate what our new framework can do and to introduce you to the new features it brings with it, which we are happy to say are quite a lot!

Demo: http://yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/nano3
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Organic v1.0 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

Organic sets the right mood for this season with earthy colors and impressive parallax background images. It combines a modern fresh look with a classic boxed layout, making Organic the perfect base for any kind of travel, blog or other service based site. The large header gives the background parallax effect the space it need to give your site a unique look.

Demo: http://yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/organic
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Unity v1.0 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

Unity comes with a whole pile of cool features! The boxed style fits your content into a well organized layout. Additionally this theme comes with fullscreen header background styles that can be combined with the unique bonus style for the Widgetkit Slideshow to create an amazing look and feel. A cool Switcher enhances your site’s functionality.

Demo: http://yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/unity
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Eat v1.0.2 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

Eat is the perfect base for your online shop or to present your café, restaurant or bar. It takes full advantage of UIkit components such as the beautiful switcher, that you can use to filter different content types, like varying product classes. This theme will convince your visitors with its light, clean design, which is topped off with a slick typography and lovely details, for example the notepad-like panel style.

Demo: http://yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/eat
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Everest v1.0.0 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

Everest combines the modern fresh look with a classic boxed layout based on our lightweight front-end framework UIkit. Explore many great designed details and technological features like the datepicker UIkit add-on, beautiful weather icons, fresh typography and cool gradient backgrounds giving the transparent style a unique look. In addition Everest brings a bonus style for the Widgetkit Slideshow, which perfectly fits the theme's design.

Demo: http://www.yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/everest
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Digit v1.0.1 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

It comes with a bunch of cool features, like the optional sticky navigation with built in resize function on scrolling, or the easily customizable circle chart. Digit has 8 predefined styles and gives you the perfect base for business websites.

Demo: http://www.yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/digit
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Frequency v1.0.1 - Yootheme Wordpress Theme

This unique theme comes with a rich, handdrawn styling that makes it a perfect base for your blog, event or any kind of quirky website creation.

Demo: http://www.yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/frequency
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  • cyberclay
    SoundWave v1.9 - The Music Vibe WordPress Theme (2)

    Author: cyberclay
    News Title: SoundWave v1.9 - The Music Vibe WordPress Theme

    Quote: Rhythm
    admin, update pls to v2.2

    Yes! Update please!
  • vodgas
    JMagz v1.0.5 - Tech News Review Magazine WordPress Theme (1)

    Author: vodgas
    News Title: JMagz v1.0.5 - Tech News Review Magazine WordPress Theme

    Please, update to version 1.2.
  • vmkt
    MainWP + Premium Extensions Pack (6)

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    I didn't try all of them, but all the ones I tried, I need the API access key to enable it.
    My guess is that this is the same for all of them.
  • wot.disc
    BookingWizz for Wordpress (3)

    Author: wot.disc
    News Title: BookingWizz for Wordpress

    For many years, almost every day I come to your site to be (and download) the most interesting news wordpress. I remember a few years ago, the site is completely laid, and what was the joy that he recovered. I do not know who is on the other side of the site, but your job has made me more careful study wordpress. I loved it because of you. Thank you.
    I beg you - if you can put this plugin. If me something you need (not the money - they do not exist). I'll be glad to help any of their capabilities to your project.
  • redpoint
    Yootheme WP Themes Pack - January 2015 Updates (2)

    Author: redpoint
    News Title: Yootheme WP Themes Pack - January 2015 Updates

    hello. sorry to asking something here, since I dont know wher to post the request. can you get me this theme?


    thank you very much